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The Svetloyar lake
Legend about Kitezh
The Nikola-klyuch water source
River walks
The Svetloyar lake The Svetloyar is lake correct circus form which filled pure water. Many pilgrims, which visiting that place from all Russia. They say, that those people who will walk around the lake on their knees will be granted an absolution of all sins

Legend about Kitezh The legend said, many years ago ancient city Kitezh-grad was located at the place where now situated Svetloyar lake. When khan Batiy was stormed Kitezh-grad, citizens was prayed, and city was pull down under ground and was Input the many keys and perfect circus lake was created. Local fishers said above water sometimes he was hear quiet chime of ancient bells.
The Nikola-klyuch water source Nikola-kluch is unique nature water source, which has honor from the ancient times. Him situated at several kilometers from the Gorodets near the Beloglazovo village. The legend said, at this place once was happened appearance of holy Nikolay Chudotvorets (St. Nicolas the Miracle-Worker). Many people at any season visit this place for taking ablution and for drinking tasty fresh water.
River walks You can walking to the Volga river on high-speed motor sheap "Raketa", which run beetwin Nizhniy Novgorod and Gorodets. Wige river and beautiful sides of Nizhniy Novgorod's land brings you unforgotable memoirs.



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